Your Hunger Betrays You

August 2020 began my series Your Hunger Betrays You. The idea occurred spontaneously. Upon encountering someone as I was walking, I felt the sentence Your Hunger Betrays You arrive. I immediately returned to the studio to work with what lingered. Taking a paper bag out of the trash, I began.

The pieces expand upon earlier visual concepts and also respond to the disingenuous, our desperate times, over saturation by spectacle in the art market; literally, figuratively, emotionally and physically starving, what we consider to be of value, the impermanent, and finally, differences between going through and transcending.

Can a lineage be identified in the work?  Duchampian?… Richter points out that his paintings cost as much as a new house (I’d offer that depends on the neighborhood.) Richard Tuttle, maybe? Many artists have challenged the meaning of value in art work….. an institutional critique? Ahhh but you won’t dismantle the master’s house with his tools.  Audre Lorde covered immense territory with that statement –many artists are too fearful to engage in that understanding and practice. Do they really want to disrupt art history as “we” know it?

Caring: Peter Fagundo, painter and professor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), while in conversation about making and material points out that caring is beauty. The care an artist uses in the making of their work can be considered beautiful – even if the work is awkward.

Care. What if the art world supported that concept in the work that it peddles? This year has stripped us bare. Much insight has been offered to us (who have survived) in order to see the world. Seeing happens without the filters that leave us raw and anxious for a truth. If we cannot see now, if this time has not deeply changed anything in our lives, it is because our hunger has betrayed us.           

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