Wyoming Mind

I am up early thinking on an animated dinner conversation with a small, dear, group last night.

Ridiculously, perhaps, thoughts of O’Keeffe arise. Her reputation for speaking her mind – even more so as she got older.  Some did not like this, others prized her for it. She did not suffer fools it seems, nor do i. Perhaps that is the reason the West and most of all Wyoming holds such importance for me.  It is a place that cannot afford to suffer fools. A space so vast that when there is interaction and manifestation there, the space itself reflects the occurrence.  Whatever happens exists untouched by anything and radiates out as if is, unaffected.

There is an honesty that exists there like no other – perhaps this sounds romantic or can be perceived as a romanticism. This in itself is what i am referring to. That at some point the perception of the perception of the perception which occurs in places lacking space seemingly change the nature of the original thing -whatever that is.

Wyoming does not allow that. Everything is reflected back to you immediately. That is a uniquely beautiful reality in my view. That is why many do not like it there. It challenges their sense of life, death and wisdom. And for many that is too much to bear.

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