Transmission in the Land of Art and Teachers

The word transmission defined in Merriam Webster….  A nerve impulse across a synapse.

Teachers are always students.

A truly profound transmission from teacher to student is rare.

When a student receives a transmission from a teacher it pierces their heart. It is felt through their entire body – it is carried for days physically, it is often accompanied by less sleep and the information of the transmission turning in the students mind over and over in a semi-dream state.  The essence of energy from that information is then embodied.  Later it becomes an action and a teaching, from that teacher to another student.

Never knowing exactly when an individual will be struck by the information, it is life changing. A transmission alters paths, awakens awareness and clarifies things that we did not even realize we were confused by. It is a phenomenon of the truth.

That being said; in art making, transmissions come through various lineages of teachers. Profound transmissions are rare, here, as well. At times, they are not given by someone you would expect. Other times they come from those who are glaringly obvious.

In either case, transmissions come from the artist that a teaching lineage chose.  Teaching illuminated the artist’s path with specific philosophies and practices that grant the next generation of artist an understanding of who they are on the path of transmission.

That’s all.

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