To have the great fortune: Experiencing Nick Cave

Nick Cave  and all with him were tremendous at the DAM. To say there are no words to describe his genius and freedom of vision would be a great disrespect.

In an era of hyper modernism, a term that is tossed around with little clarity, Cave proposed a resolution for the term.

Audience, witnessing directly and indirectly, and directly, simultaneously.  Feeling art objects move – animated. Individuals making art in art, making form within form and outside of form simultaneously. Fresh, risky, exposing the bones of failure and glimpses of luminous perfection of which he is part, we are a part, and that which he controls and lets go of. Intense moments of non-duality as medium, shared without limit.

All of this whirling, pushing, and pulling. His mind/heart, audience mind/heart, collaborators minds/hearts throbbing, echoing, screaming, yelling, calling, bellowing – without a word.

Crescendo. Magnificent. Searing moments of tension and celebration and faith and sacredness and the absolute pain of life, the absolute joy of life, the absolute pain of the joy of life, the absolute joy of the pain of life.

A constant triumph of spirit connectivity grace vision innovation; a tremendous soul that is a  deep rushing river that runs across the country collecting looking conceptualizing digging enjoying unearthing sparkling sparking laughing.

An absolute life force sharing visions with a most open heart.

And for that I am, now, a different person.

As are all who shared the evening with me in joy and awe and celebration of the true creative life, even if they did not realize it.

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