The Shift

The Shift (artist’s statement 2014-2015)

It is specific. August. The day after sculptor Keith Jentzsch was nearly beaten to death. I found myself picking up from his partner Amy at their home, 5 beautiful panels he had finished the night of the attack.

These are the panels. Always flawless and exquisite in their precision. This is the surface on which i make my work.

I am in the studio writing curriculum for my fall classes; researching and re-reading an interview with Agnes Martin that refers to her Platonic view of art making. It is simplified: truth, beauty, and precision. My mind flashes onto Keith – truth, beauty, precision – and human and alive.

In that single moment my work changed.

My aesthetic concerns – rhythm, repetition, grid as manifestation of breath – those remain the bones of my work. The simplicity, materiality (or lack thereof), a raw presence of the state of body and mind – both documented and betrayed is my work now.

These can be nothing other than Keith’s drawings.

The moment of acute awareness that came in my first reading of the incident stays with me. My senses were inflamed – my heart hurt.

This is my work now.

The new drawings will be shown in an exhibition curated by Lili Francuz titled Vivid Conversations which will open First Friday, November 7 at the CCC in Fort Collins.

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