a practice of being human

As I walk into the studio, bend down to take off my winter boots, place them specifically at the entrance – as if walking into sacred space; I sense the phrase practice of being human. This work, my work, is a contemplative studio practice that is about the meta cognitive aspects of being human; an investigation of discernment and time.

I work in complete silence. I first write everything in longhand. I draw freehand vertical lines for hours, days, and months on end. All of these are parts that make a whole that is an illusion. Simple.

A formal training in art is not denied in a contemplative studio practice. All of the training and knowledge is there – meaning the visual sciences remain the foundation in the production of the work. It is not woo woo. It is, in fact, grounded in a very precise reality – a reality of being.

There are too many individuals “attempting” to be artists and they are not. One does not decide – one is. And they train. Not anything and everything is art.  It is a practice of constant production and study of all those who have come before. At a point in the practice one rests in a place of production that is their own.

Ultimately this is a practice and identification of being human. Identifying the human and sharing the perspective; offering an opportunity for others to see the world in a different way.  A contemplative studio practice is only one of a number of studio approaches to illuminate the human condition.

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