the end

2014, on the cusp – always excited by this time of year. Missed about 11 days in my written journal while life came into view sharply; teaching, students, and home routine back to its particular rhythm after much travel on my husband’s part. New work in the studio.

Completed a painting that hit its mark. Weekend of Nov.30-Dec.1. Felt i could rest. This is rare. However i have learned that when a work is on its way there is an intense urgency and energy surrounding the time leading up to its making. This urgency and intensity that fills me and the studio vibrates under my skin – only when the work is going to be as it should – hitting its own mark. If the work fails – the physical urgency prior to the completion of the work is not the same.

The sense of relief – peace – quiet – calm at the output of what i was feeling, at seeing a manifestation of my mind’s eye leaves me feeling that i should not work and do not have to work for a week or two. That is the limit, however, before i ask the energies to return.

So i am at the time about now of gathering, the regrouping – assessing – bringing works together.

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