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Postscript: Notes on 6 Lessons in Non-Attachment

Notes on 6 Lessons in Non-Attachment  September 25, 2016  Postscript: Thoughts for a September Panel Discussion at Anderson Ranch Arts Center Decode:  to decode is to convert from an encrypted form to plain text. Gómez-Peña talks about North Americans not understanding – having no concept- of metaphor. What he is pointing to is the inability […]

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The unknown which is everything

I wake up thinking about the unknown which is everything. And, that at the most basic level we fill it -with food, drink, love, leisure activity, religion, violence, work, gossip, travel, numerous actions. We fill the unknown with all of our fear. Fear that we do not and cannot face. The moments of realizing our […]

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5:41am a contemplative studio practice (I)

5:41am a contemplative studio practice (I) The moon is bright through my studio window – the electric blue in the sky continues to increase. Emptiness. The basis of the contemplative studio practice is emptiness. Shunyata. For the Western mode of thought perhaps an oxymoron because emptiness is from where all things come. How can that […]

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