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Regarding the Rules – To stop talking or writing about the work

Among the rules of our game is talking and writing about our work exhaustively. ¬†Proposals, exhibitions, talks, interviews, articles, the list goes on. It is an expectation of the field. Then there are historians, critics, theorists, who are writing as well. That is their role in the field – a form of translation. The practice […]

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The Same Mind

I looked at the work I was making and felt the need to sit down with my journal for a discussion about what was happening. The journal holds many spontaneous thoughts that at times become posts for my website. ¬†I wrote: As you can imagine the new work is responded to with; “Well, it is […]

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Agnes Martin and Zen

Zen Master Eihei Dogen (1200 -1253) writes: Loving fame is worse than breaking a precept. Breaking a precept is a transgression at a particular time. Loving Fame is like an ailment of a lifetime. Do not foolishly hold on to fame, or do not ignorantly accept it. Not to accept fame is continuous practice. To […]

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