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5:41am a contemplative studio practice (I)

5:41am a contemplative studio practice (I) The moon is bright through my studio window – the electric blue in the sky continues to increase. Emptiness. The basis of the contemplative studio practice is emptiness. Shunyata. For the Western mode of thought perhaps an oxymoron because emptiness is from where all things come. How can that […]

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An alternative studio practice for the 21st Century

I am greatly inspired by the Abstract Manifesto written by Rebecca Morris http://joshuaabelow.blogspot.com/2011/02/rebecca-morris-abstract-manifesto.html. It feels as if it came from a place that all true art thinking comes from. Some deep moment that has been sparked. Chicago Critic Pedro Velez tweeted the manifesto one day – that is how I came upon it. I have thought about the […]

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