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  Talking is highly overrated; at times, even unnatural. Many people fill the space they are frightened by with their own words. Interjecting themselves into places in which they do not belong. Other sentients go about their days in relative quietude. There are moments of exchange – even chatter for some, but we as human, […]

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Grandma and Grandpa were farmers from Italy. When they arrived in Chicago in 1910, to what is now Jefferson Park’s Linder Avenue, it was all land. They had a garden that produced numerous vegetables; among them, corn, which my mother sold by the ear on the street corner during the depression. Everywhere Apollonia and Salvatore […]

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Rethinking 21st Century American Landscape I (the heart of the matter)

The work is layered with earth. Similar to the natural layering over time – except compressed. In this case it is minutes, hours, and days.  In the time of its existence it is also years, decades, centuries, and millennia. American Landscape painting, its context, material and technique – brought into the 21st Century. What is […]

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