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…and all of it – a privilege

Notes for and to my students…. I often talk with you about your studio practice. No Pictures is dedicated, in part, to you because you ask how I do what I do. My hope is that this curiosity extends itself to the study and understanding of how others do what they do in this field. […]

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document for 2014

A Perpetual Horizon The artist Wolfgang Laib has stated that “repetition is the most beautiful thing in existence”. If one contemplates this thought it can be found in our breathing, the patterns we see in nature, and the horizons that we see continuously in the West. These new paintings embody a union of concepts that […]

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Rethinking 21st Century American Landscape I (the heart of the matter)

The work is layered with earth. Similar to the natural layering over time – except compressed. In this case it is minutes, hours, and days.  In the time of its existence it is also years, decades, centuries, and millennia. American Landscape painting, its context, material and technique – brought into the 21st Century. What is […]

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