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The change in climate

Warmer weather has rolled in. The sky is orange, then coral, then pink. Ponderosa pines sway in the shifting wind and hold all of the answers. I am thinking about my drawings and realize with each series I care less about the thoughts of the audience.  Not a lack of respect – but instead an […]

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Duchamp, New York, The 21st Century and Chelsea

Duchamp, without a doubt, gave us our most brilliant theories on art and context.  What is of the utmost importance to remember is that these ideas include the maturity and quality of the work as well as the actual object itself. “Bad” work in the context of a “good” gallery can be pure unadulterated crap. […]

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substance and Arne Glimcher

Arne Glimcher is sharp when interviewed twice by Charlie Rose (here and here), the first interview starting at about 17 minutes in-the second, shorter and focused only on the gallerist. In a stunning moment Glimcher responds to Rose when he remarks on the cost of artwork in today’s market. The gallerist’s response is one-pointed and […]

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