Repetition and Existence

The sun rises. The sky, a clear vibrating electric blue.

When Wolfgang Laib pointed to “repetition being the most beautiful thing in existence” I was speechless.  Everything in the moment was defined.

Getting tired of looking at the work of Laib, Martin, Tuttle or Ryman is to be tired of breathing. After all, that is what their work provides. It is a documentation of rhythm, life, breath, breathing. Certainly not boring, albeit a particular aesthetic. It is austere, repetitive, patient, open. This can create great fear in a viewer.  It is understood that not everyone can or wants to be in “that place”. But to have the understanding of the place that work creates, recognizes a discipline and openness that decodes the phenomenal world.

It is true that we live at a time when clarity is very hard to come by. The ability to be clear seeing is of paramount importance.

The works created by these individuals are a result of being with a rhythm of life – this can bore people because they are frightened by the openness of the work. It ultimately leaves the viewer with him/herself.

This leaves me with thinking of Tuttle’s uphill climb and of Tucker’s wisdom. Quiet and unique. Wisdom and skillful means.

The sun now illuminates Storm Mountain and I bear witness to perpetual horizon.

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