Regarding the Rules – To stop talking or writing about the work

Among the rules of our game is talking and writing about our work exhaustively.  Proposals, exhibitions, talks, interviews, articles, the list goes on. It is an expectation of the field.

Then there are historians, critics, theorists, who are writing as well. That is their role in the field – a form of translation.

The practice of writing about our work for public consumption has increased immensely as art has progressed. Images are not necessarily “recognizable” or “easy”, much of art is an activity – and add to that the re-contextualization of images that already exist and there is a continuous stream of words about a visual pursuit.

Perhaps I have been “inside baseball” for too long. It occurred to me as I was reading yet another museum didactic, that I am really tired of talking about my work, my process, my philosophy,… and in many cases, not all, reading about others. I will guess, here, that I am not alone.

Ultimately, the work is visual and no matter what characteristics/attributes one connects to the work or whatever the actual story is – the viewer will have their own correct or incorrect interpretation. It is visual art. Words for the work are factually unnecessary. I make the work. The words for the work belong to the historians, critics, theorists….others.   They are welcome to write or talk about the work.

A new short video about the work will be published. That will be the last public media documentation posted on this site for this year.  This written post marks the end of writing/talking about the making of my work for now. I will not write or talk, publicly, about my work for one year – in the context of the art world it can be considered a performance (and not a very provocative one at that). No artist statements, no discussion – talking/writing about other topics of the world around the work is fine – however, no conversation or writing about the work itself.  We’ll see what happens in September of 2018.

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