Postscript: Notes on 6 Lessons in Non-Attachment

Notes on 6 Lessons in Non-Attachment 

September 25, 2016  Postscript: Thoughts for a September Panel Discussion at Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Decode:  to decode is to convert from an encrypted form to plain text.

Gómez-Peña talks about North Americans not understanding – having no concept- of metaphor. What he is pointing to is the inability for most of us to work with magic – the magic of the phenomenal world.

Robert Irwin, James Turrell and Agnes Martin are all working with the reality or truth of the phenomenal world.  They expose non-duality.  If you hail the genius of Irwin and Turrell – hailing Martin’s work is within that scope. They are all working with their minds and our minds. “Working”, in this case, means understanding. They know their own minds.

Their work and approach, is about perception.  Pure perception for Martin was “coded” in the term “happiness” and that is what was found in her work.  Watch the audiences of Irwin, Turrell, and Martin – the response is “happiness”. What is at issue is the definition of happiness within the code.  Martin’s use of the word was from a profound level of understanding as happiness relates to the Buddhist “ethic”. In this case – Happiness is not frolicking through the woods like Bambi and the butterflies; but instead being profoundly content and understanding the extremes of emotion that we face. This is not dullness, it is not boring, nor does it lack excitement. It, in fact, is an understanding of perception that allows for a much greater awareness of what it is to be human.

This awareness is to understand emptiness. Not “the void” – but emptiness – aloneness – as opposed to loneliness.  Martin understood this quite clearly. This understanding, which Irwin and Turrell exhibit as well, is about not filling space with frivolous bullshit – our minds running and our mouths moving. Instead, they ask us to be still and to perceive the subtleness of the world around us. This frightens many. This is the fear of death. Stillness reminds our ego that our body will not continue on and that our roll in this world is to make sure that rest of the world keeps breathing. And that is all.

Happiness = non duality = the light of the day as we are absorbed by it and as it and we move through the moments in the life of the phenomenal world. The light found in the work of Martin, Turrell and Irwin. The light that we absorb.

Non-duality – understanding death.

Dancing on the edge of the phenomenal world.

Irwin, Turrell and Martin all do this. It is translated through their audience’s response; an audience that comes to experience and then perhaps understand non-duality if only for a moment. To understand the magic of the phenomenal world and how to be in that and what it ultimately means.

In that audience response is Martin’s term “happiness” – to understand true perception.

Martin’s happiness is ‘code’ for true, clear, perception.

Those who “miss the message” are fearful of their own death.

“Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone far beyond, so be it”

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