Post-August 2014

I like the work i am doing now more than any i have made. I suspect this is even simpler to understand than one would think. Meaning there is not much conjecture to be had as to “Why?”.

The drawings are an extension of my body to a surface; a physical practice that betrays the condition of my entirety – they focus on what is important; an even-ness.

Lines –how many artists have worked with just the line/grid? I am on that long arduous list. And it is fine working with line (Ha!). It is the extension of evenness of the body. It manifests in many ways for maker and viewer.








A trained and disciplined mind



Breathing, breathing, breathing

Making the visual work that matters to me as a truth. The rhythm of our lives or the lack there of; many of you know who are reading this – that a lack of rhythm can be a rhythm in itself.

The lineage from which my work comes; most importantly a fine art lineage – albeit artists who were working directly or indirectly with contemplative practices. My direct relationship with a lineage of practice and study, and finally my family whose understanding of the world was woven into the deep rich soils of the earth.

This has been my work for many years in different forms. Now it is more direct, from the bone – from my bones. Actions – quiet, contemplative movements of the body – marking. Both focused and discursive- always returning to a steadfastness that is necessary to be and to give.

A primordial confidence in the entire body to a hold space and to make space for others.


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