One year (or more) of living deliberately

What if we lived deliberately?

Everything that you do not have time for is exactly what you should be paying attention to.

The animals that live in your house – that you gave shelter too that you ship off to doggie day care, or pay someone to walk because you do not pay attention to them. The automatic cat feeders so you are not bothered.

The amount of time you spend planning to be somewhere and then begin to plan where you need to be next when you are where you planned to be….. Crazy sentence? Badly constructed? Think about it.

The dish – hand wash the dish. Sit with a cup of tea or coffee and actually see the sun rise for days in row. This is not a vacation – this is life. We have it in reverse. We take time off to see the sun rise. To sit. To listen to a bird, see a mountain range, sit at a lake.


It is cliché to talk about living a deliberate life. We have that figured out. We know how to do that. Been there done that.

If it was a so cliché we would actually be doing it.

Our calendars are full with dates of meetings, gatherings with friends and the moments come and go. We are not really present at any of those meetings or gatherings. We are talking about how busy we are and all we have to do and what we are going to do next.

We are entirely out of touch with ourselves and with each other and of course with the world in which we live. We hate to admit that we see immense carnage on a daily basis and if it does not effect us directly we forget about it within minutes. A coping mechanism?

 If we all were deliberate in our actions would the level of carnage that we encounter exist?

It’s time. It is time to stop.

We all need to start turning around this mega-ship that is not destined to see the beautiful and delicate pink sunrise that is the morning.

What if you really did live deliberately for one year (or more)? What would that look like, living deliberately? Taking care of everything immediately within reach, seeing and being only within – say.., a 60 – 100 mile radius.  Is this a recipe for boredom?  By not doing this what have we been missing already? Will we find out we are not happy where we are. Will we meet ourselves? Yes, we will.

We are not where we are. This is a problem. Not only are we missing vital parts of our lives. The speediness with which we are doing things is causing the breakdown of our bodies and our planet. We are expecting there to be a remedy “better living through chemistry”, remember?  Too much of good thing? All things in moderation……

It is about paying attention. We think we are. We are not. The greatest gift we could give ourselves at this point in time is to stop – we are beyond slowing down. We need to be still. Be still with the birds, with individuals as we speak with them (not “to” them). We need to pay attention to our bodies. Not how thin or heavy we are but how we actually feel in our body.

Who has time for this crap? Everyone.   

It.   Costs.   You.   Nothing.

Daunting and freighting possibly – it is easier to have a fragile foundation of our escaping everything – buy stuff, eat stuff, traveling to accumulate experiences and never really seeing anything.

What is missing in this is love. Used to be mushy, but not anymore – does not even faze us. Who has time for that – sentimentality.  Frankly,  just a sign of weakness.

Take time to see deeply…..

Watch your cat’s breath form on a cold winter window as he looks outside.

Watch the steam rise, until it stops, from your cup of coffee.

Be with the sky as it turns from the electric deep blue of morning, to pink, to the light blue of the day.

Hear your partner’s quiet inhale and exhale as they sleep.

Hear the sound of your blood circulating through your veins.

Do one dish by hand, then two, then three.

Sweep the floor.  

Read a page twice.











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