The most succinct expression of thoughts on the parts of a whole; the interconnectedness of everything. Of the formal properties of art making.  Drawing as an end; in and of itself. The body that propels energy into the making of a line and the betrayal of the body by that line.  The body’s balance. Its sadness, its impetuousness, its hurry, its lack of focus, its pain; bearing witness to your own inadequacies or adequacies – either is apparent – flaw – perfection.

In a simple sentence: These drawings simultaneously betray the mindbody state of the viewer and the audience.

Humble meditations on the state of being at the moment in time – which is shared. How that is perceived is often with perplexity for some, for others – joy.  Reverting back to the image of, or illusion, or reference to order. A rhythm – a comfort – a joy in a seemingly consistent reliability.

In the words of Karen L. Schiff  “a steadiness in trying times and amidst louder more anarchic works…” An attentiveness. Be attentive, being attentive, being aware, creating a steady structure in moments of anarchy. A personal quest as well as a social one…..

In a simple sentence: Creating and constructing; being a steady structure in a time of anarchy.

How an audience responds – how one’s personal anarchy; their window of personal anarchy informs their response to the structure.

Perhaps wishing they had that structure, its comfort. Hating it because it feels unsustainable and worse unattainable. It challenges them to be still, to reflect, to consider the uncomfortable reality or the comfortable reality.

What is it like to come upon variation of structure – of personal quietude that does not challenge but instead just exists faintly, quietly, yet asking you to pay attention? To focus on what is actually occurring beyond one’s self.

It is circular, from image to viewer to image – like the enso.

Like consciousness peeking (peaking) through moments of unconsciousness. Bits of life peeking (peaking) through what seems to be dead. A flower in snow, a green sprout through the sidewalk, a ponderosa jutting into the sky through massive boulders. The moments of the last breath.

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