No Mirrors in the House

It is always a startling moment when I recognize what a disruption a show of work is. There is, now, a realization that I was stopped in mid thought, mid sentence, mid stride, vision interrupted, trajectory rocked, etc. The feeling of getting the work back into the space and to continue is grounding. I suspect there are those who fall apart at that point. I wonder how much of that has to do with not really being in the field for a genuine reason.  

Are those who worry about how they are going to follow their most recent “best” act – actually artists or are they just producers? They can start and stop and be interrupted because they are not saying much – that mythic crisis that follows your show – that time of the “let down” is not a truth.

If the work is genuine – the artist is on to the next thing or the continuation of the last. There is no skipping a beat, a crisis of inspiration, or whatever one wants to call it. It never is about the show in the first place – it is about the work.

There are many that make work for attention. When the attention button is “off” (the show is over) the person does not know what to do – how to fill space next – the vacuum of lost attention is what the actual crisis is. It has nothing to do with art.

How to fill the space next? To pull from a disingenuous source – leaves a vacuum. If the source is genuine – it is continuous – its energy is continuous.   

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