New Mexico – July

People who fear spirit cannot survive in New Mexico –I am called there and also to southern Colorado and Wyoming – because of their vastness and because of what is not said – but is understood in the ground that generations have walked upon. I am not “supposed” to have a current relationship to this place. I mean by that – a type of root. However, if my dreams and experience are any indication, I have had some type of relationship with the trail between Cheyenne and Santa Fe. I have traveled it so many times since the early 80’s, not being able to get close enough. Not ever being there long enough, not ever being filled, there is something else that I need to take with me from there. Or perhaps I have to stay there so I do not have to leave; walking the path over and over as if something will come back to me. A piece of me that is missing that is strewn along the roads where all of my work manifests; covered in animal skin sleeping – people seated around me. Hearing  horses with their passengers passing by my window, the sounds of bells – reigns, horse hooves clapping against the ground. Voices laughing in the early morning as I sleep with my ear to the ground. Writing to the moon in response to Anaya’s Heart of Aztlan.  Journeys that have brought eagles and a running warrior….

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