Myth and Process

Making work is a struggle. That is not a myth. It is a truth.

The myth is that the struggle of making work is a myth.

Somewhere along the way with more money and education, a larger market system, better medicine, and looking like and thinking we will live forever-we forgot we are fucking human and that life is about struggle. It is uneven. This is not a bad thing. It just is.

It is how we handle struggle that is the test. How we endure struggle – that is what art is made from.The history of Western Art is pretty much about elite classes and a laboring class that made their stuff; made their entertainment and challenged their minds. And are we above that now? No, we are not. Makers are still the servants of the public and very often an elite buying and investing public.

Somewhere we lost ourselves, we all thought we could be Warhol ( because he said so). We cannot all be Warhol because through the struggle one needs to know how to hit the high note, to play a note so exquisitely that everyone who witnesses it feels its eloquent vibration through their entire body to the center of their heart. That high note is the unique moment that makes art universal, of the world and fucking human. Not glamorous, but instead something that can be felt with an intense intimacy through our whole being.

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