It reveals us

In the moments when the silence is the most deafening and the air is still.

What happens in our studios? We rarely, if ever, allow people to visit – to see what we are doing. A visit – a conversation about the work when it is not ready is an invasion of epic proportion. It is painful and scrapes the nerves raw with an intense immediacy that is agonizing. It reveals us.

There is a love affair taking place in the studio. It is private. It is not for others to know, ever.

There are those we do let in – a very few; those who share the same affair.

A mind and body moving in a space. Conversations and images fill our minds as we sit with our work and we puzzle over shape, concept, relationships and thoughts about other artists and the work that we admire.

The work eventually leaves the studio. That is when the affair ends, momentarily – until someone else sees the work and the affair begins again.


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