Harry Jackson

As simple and direct as Jackson.

I saw a small show of Jackson’s work at the Wyoming State Museum. There is a larger show concurrently at the Nicolaysen in Casper.

For those of you who don’t know of Jackson, he passed away in 2011. Originally from Chicago, in part inspired by the cattle drives to the Stock Yards, he came to Wyoming. He is thought of as a Western artist – he also was an abstract expressionist painter….. basically, he gave it up for the aesthetic of the West.

In the show at the state museum there was a quote from the documentary Harry Jackson: A Man and his Art. I was in awe at how deeply it resonated with me. I kept reading it again and again. It is exactly my feeling when I cross the border and move through the relentless land there.  I have always known that I was not alone in this feeling. At the same time – it is a good thing we are a rare breed – the ones that think like us. It keeps the wide open spaces what they are in the “great state”.

Jackson says;

“I come out West and I come back to what to me is home. The people here are a part of that epic and they are still very much alive in it and that charges me like a damn battery. I have to come back here to feel like a human being. We ride for the fun of it, to get the smell, the taste and the flavor of the whole damn thing and I hope it ends up in my work”



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