gunpowder green

Sun, pink, illuminates mountains outside the studio window. Pink, then changing to orange. Me in silence, Serendipity sits in the window. ┬áNew paintings for the new year – i clear a space off the studio table so she can sit.

At 7:30am, continuing to squeeze the last absolute breaths of this immensely creative time away from teaching and administrating. Without thinking much of those two necessities of my career; i am secretly, unconsciously, revitalized and refueled – filled with ideas for the next semester.

The color of the mountains, and now patches of light on the ponderosas, is golden. I flash back to 2010, Summer in Chicago, attending a painting program at SAIC. Starting small drawings that just now are coming to fruition in new paintings. They were on muslin, impregnated with earth, on which i drew with ink and gouache.

Pretty much unable to be discussed by their audience at the time, they were an invitation to view what was coming three years later. Who ever knows but the painter, actually? And the painter does know that this work is a root – even if they act as if it is not. They understand the process of experimentation.

Two of the small works entered the world. The rest came home as documentation of a very pivotal time in many ways.

Fruition can come at any time, in any way, in any form. It is the act of paying attention to the moment of manifestation that is of great importance.

And now, 8:22am, all of the pondersosas are illuminated by the morning sun.

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