Fire and Ice Have Never Been Closer?

January 5, 2022

It is winter quiet. Heavy silence, light cool gray, beautiful. Snow is expected. Installation of show delayed by a day or two. The road off the mountain, 4.5 miles of dirt and rock, at times winding, covered with ice and snow; up to the neighbors good graces to plow. Fear among the newcomers who live here about getting down the mountain. Fears about animals, fears about fire, fears about each other in this somewhat isolated place – why choose to live here? Needless to say, not many last in this location. Fire and ice have never been closer together.


My recent trip to town, having not been “down the hill” for a number of weeks, a series of verbal and non-verbal exchanges among folks in town pointed to extreme polarities. Individuals are either extremely aggressive or angry (fearful) or they are gentle and forgiving with a sincerity that is palpable – a true concern for others.  


Balance, Yin and Yang – what we have been aware of in numerous forms is more present than ever. Life and Death, Anger and Love. We see and read about it; it is on the surface. Social media makes it more evident. We are more reactive (not necessarily reactionary). Everyone is becoming a first responder to something – and we are not prepared. As a result everyone is suffering some type of trauma and of course, there is our collective trauma.


We collectively need to step back daily. With our and each other’s anger and love. To examine it, not so much the emotion – but our physical body that possesses it, and the physical response. How long will these aggressive postures and acts of violence happen? And how long will the type of love that leads to inaction and “everything will be all right” continue?

Both are damaging, both are forms of laziness that take us away from the real change that needs to happen; those views are not a balance. They are acting as polar opposites that weigh heavily at either end of a center. The center cannot be allowed to break.

The center holds the true action.

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