document for 2014

A Perpetual Horizon

The artist Wolfgang Laib has stated that “repetition is the most beautiful thing in existence”. If one contemplates this thought it can be found in our breathing, the patterns we see in nature, and the horizons that we see continuously in the West. These new paintings embody a union of concepts that I have been working with for the last seven or so years: earth, the awareness of breath and breathing, and mark making. These simple elements now manifest in my work as a perpetual horizon; a horizon of rhythm, meditation and repetition.

I am enamored with the horizon, a meeting of earth and sky-space. What some see as nothing I see and feel as tremendous energy and possibility. That is what land is also – fertile ground from which things come, return and cycle back again. The rhythm is continuous, though we will not always be here to be witness it, it will continue. As artist and owner of GVG Contemporary Blair Vaughn Gruler has pointed out about the work; it is all there – earth, horizon, our breath and the line of a place. It repeats itself daily and we witness it, the most beautiful thing in existence.

The materials I use and the process of painting is literal. Earth from various locations in the West make these works actual landscapes complete with horizon. The application of earth and paint is free hand. This allows for the intentionality of energy from my mark making and breathing to be seen in the horizon lines themselves.

This work references and is in response to the works of Agnes Martin, who considered herself an Abstract Expressionist. Working with emotions, her paintings of lines were made to a different end. Where our work separates is in our materiality, genre and intention. My work is minimal. Martin did not consider herself to be a Minimalist. The Minimalists agenda was one of a non-subject matter – as Frank Stella stated “What you see is what you see”.

That mantra can be found in my work. What you see is what you see, it is literal. Land, earth, line, rhythm and repetition – a perpetual horizon line; thick, thin, hidden, meeting or vertical. This work is about landscape in the West and my physical relationship with it.

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