deliberate discursive

A beautiful light snow falls. Home. Andrew, Magi, Boop, Georgi, Moji.

How do we learn and embody that every day is sacred?

A good long conversation with my most intimate friend of 30+ years last evening. She will be 79 in this next year. I am so struck by this – isn’t she only in her mid 40’s?

A monastic life in Zen. I am invited to be a nun for the week. That was our invitation – to “be one body”.

The neurotic side of anything can be damaging. Of work, of play. The middle path.

The animals sleep. Well, not Boop, who is here beside me in the studio, as usual, in the morning. For this i am grateful. She puts her head toward my hand – indicating she wants a petting – and then the top of her head to my face for a kiss. Now in my lap.

Heavy gray clouds this morning. We have had bright sun for many days, recently. This looks like it is setting in for a day or two.

Jasmine tea, the end of 52 years on this planet. This spinning ‘blue’ earth. I will be 53. My 53rd year? – In the studio. Enjoying, in admiration and pushing my students. Always take time to walk on the mountain road in the morning. Sit as the sun rises. Absorb the silence that heals and return it to the universe – gratefully -with the intention that it will heal others.

To ‘heal’: meaning to liberate. To understand. Compassion. To be engaged to the fullest degree, in the moment with an open heart that is about all those we encounter. To encourage all to be mindful, aware, acutely perceptive, humble, generous, unceasingly – but to take care of their well being -health – at the same time. One cannot commit to a life of being with others and being of any support, if they are, themselves, falling apart. Yes – you must clean your own back yard before you help to clean theirs.

Boop stretches her white tipped paws over my arm as I write (all posts are journaled by hand before they become a cyber-page that someone views for a moment or in its entirety).

I am thinking/seeing the state of the world. The state of the country, the state of the state. The state of the county. The state of our homes. My home. Contemplating on a shock wave of peace and contentment – instead of the shock wave of pain we have all witnessed and felt.

Boop and her paws rest comfortably- it is silent. It is December 25th. A day – if only we would all stop – to see – what it is each of us actually possess as basically good human beings.

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