A deep solitary silence; resting in the sound of crickets, a small amount of food, and water. Feeling, literally, what it is to be hungry and wanting more; understanding how being consumed makes one consume.  A life can be consumed; eaten away by discursive thoughts, unnecessary words and actions of the day. Redundancies as opposed to repetitions. Thoughts half completed, interrupted by other thoughts, forced by environment and others.

Simplicity. Until one can rest in simplicity, they consume as they are consumed. If we are consumed by our job – by unproductive acquaintances – we begin to consume. More food than we need, more discussion than necessary, more response than needed (drama).  Creating more attention to be called to ourselves  –  attention we are consuming.  More time in our haste – we continue….

We do not realize this unless we stop everything, sit back in whatever space we are in and watch for unnecessary actions that take place. By recognizing unnecessary action the natural action is one of non-consumption. It is productive, genuine and without influence.

By seeing our fruitless consuming efforts; the productive efforts becomes apparent. Genuine efforts produce a result that generates energy as opposed to sucking energy out of something or someone. An exchange of energy that is valuable is about growth and selflessness.

‘True’ moments of silence are about not being consumed. Understanding the exchange of energy with the universe and how exactly that must happen.

How we consume and are consumed – are inextricably connected. In fact, to consider them connected implies there is a disconnect at some point. More specifically, then, to consume and to be consumed is a complete form – the same. Bearing witness to consuming while being consumed is a small revolution in our being.

Those who have truly experienced that revolution are the individuals that are most inspiring.

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