Very ordinary collecting.

I have been collecting since mid-May and have a few more precious weeks until i am not able to do so for another 9 months. All i have gathered will find its way to my studio and to my students.

There is a tremendous amount of thinking and feeling as a result of looking at and being with so much this summer; needing to absorb all that is possible.  As a maker, even in the best teaching experiences, with the best colleagues and students; going back to administrating is still a particular type of restriction that causes unwelcome ideas to constantly intrude upon the process and flow of making work. The intrusion does not become the flow.  However, it is a reality.

I have collected through travel and reading; looking at a lot of art, discussion on practice and theory and meeting new makers. A great joy during this time is connecting with former students in the midst of their exciting art lives. And lastly, but certainly not least, participating in contemplative retreat.

All of this needs to be embodied and will manifest in the next year. It is important to see the process and be aware of it at the same time – not to monitor or focus on it- but to be aware of how it feels to have all i have collected leave my body and for it to become.

It will be a quiet but productive year ( i think of my year as starting in August ) –quiet, meaning less speaking and more doing. I will be moving into a new, long awaited studio and working on some upcoming shows. Teaching, of course, has its role as that informs what i do as well.

There have been a number of stunning moments this summer and there are more to come.  There is a lot of change happening as we are all seeing – or at least i hope we are seeing. It is, now, a particularly exciting and painful time in the United States.

What is foremost in my mind as i work through these days is an extraordinary moment when i was listening to Sensei Kazuaki Tanahashi teach us about change.  Simply, he pointed to the fact, as many of us know, everything is in a constant state of change – this means that all change is possible; or perhaps to put it another way no change is impossible:… environment, peace, equality… – you get the picture.

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