“Art Doesn’t Give a Shit”

That “art doesn’t give a shit”, revealed by painter Larry Poons, is arguably the most profound utterance of this Century.

The imbalance of the market is extreme, we all know that. The luck of the draw is prevalent. It is who you know. Much deeper than all of that nonsense; when the artist is still, in the privacy of their studio, they need to be the center of the hurricane. The eye.

Few are able to hold their practice together. There are multitudes of crabs in the bucket, the posing and positioning is out of control. And the truth of the matter is art doesn’t give a shit.

All that leaves is the artist being true to the production of the work. In the words of painter Enrique Martinez Celaya, “Keep your actions faithful.” Ultimately the work does not belong to you. It is not yours and you are not the work. You don’t even know if the work will outlast you. You spend immense time (if it is your true calling) in a form of isolated production. Years become decades and then you are at a lifetime of communicating with the muses. This is a commitment of titanic proportion and that is all.

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