Born and raised in Chicago, I live and work off grid in the Northern Colorado. In 2000 I arrived to live in Wyoming. From the moments of my first trip west in the 1980’s, my connection was to a specific 800 mile stretch of land between Wyoming and New Mexico.

I make free hand line drawings. Some are erased and re-drawn many times over. Rhythm, repetition and the grid as a visual manifestation of breath are the bones of my work. The simplicity and materiality (or lack thereof); the raw presence of a body and mind – simultaneously documenting and betraying my physicality is my work.

My work is in various collections, shown nationally and has been published by Phaidon Press. I am a recipient of NEA and NEH grants. My graduate work was completed at the University of Chicago; my undergraduate work completed at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I continued on, there, as an Assistant Director for the Division of Continuing Studies until 1996. I have also served as a Cultural Enrichment Manager for the Chicago Park District. I taught for the Art Education Department of School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Art Depts. of Colorado State University, the University of Wyoming and Naropa University. Currently I am Lead Faculty for Visual and Media Arts in CADHu (Department of Creative Arts Design and Humanities) at Front Range Community College in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I am fortunate to teach a wide range of engaged students who are interested in exploring museum studies, art appreciation and issues in contemporary art practice.


Contact: J.L.Kiessling@gmail.com