A particular type of rest

A particular type of rest -a rhythm is setting in. I am going back to the studio to make work after being a slave to shows since December.  It is interesting how disruptive showing is. It is about the work; but you start making work that is not as much about the work as it is about the show.  That is difficult.

Actually, one makes the work then brings the work together to make the show. But at times the boundary is blurred. There is a large gap between the making and the making for a show. The gap is about being with the truth.

Hiatus. There are a number of things of which I am hyper aware as a result of this time.

The shift and the gap. Being back in the studio without a show pending – this points to working for the sake of working. Innovations, discovery, whatever it is that happens when one can work without thoughts of the next outside display of having made work. It makes me remember- because it was a long stretch of time – that to work constantly in the studio without plans of another show is the most freeing. No sound, complete silences, discursive thoughts at a minimum – empty mind.

Work that is intimate in subject matter and size; it speaks to an individual as opposed to an entire group. I reach one or two people, they are part of a community, they explain their experience to one another, I do not have to be present.  Singular and silent – exchange.

I do not like big work in which your place in the space needs to be discovered.

Intimacy and scale of work….. I see no reason for big work.  In our time installations are so large one gets lost. This mirrors our society in many ways. No real connection with anything and not much to remember.

A trip to Marfa solidified quite a bit about my practice. There is recognition of the individual experience there. It was a reminder of many things. Dedication to a vision, focus, seriousness, adventure and seeking.

I trust what I am making. It is clear. And it is stronger than popular opinion. Making is of particular importance and understanding.

How do I talk about my work, now?  Well, perhaps, not much has to be said. I do not need to cross a boundary into someone else’s space to explain it. I am happy to answer questions but do not have to talk about the work first.

Work that is not oversized is a continuous thought and awareness currently. I do not need to have the audience for my work consumed. I am interested in an intimate dialog with one viewer at time – not the group dynamic. Not a Relational Aesthetics phenomenon. All of that work has (had) its place.  As I am working in my studio, I could care less about “the group”.  I am interested in the individual, a one to one experience – a place to rest – a stasis.  An opportunity to find oneself without chaos. No clutter or obstacle. Open, wandering, thought and awareness of the individual; realizing they are thinking about what they are thinking.  It is time for the others to be determining – translating for me.

I make work in an era of immensely big work – that is meant for numerous sensations – to envelop – to dwarf – to prove one can fill a space with material because that is what everyone does.

For me this trend is now reading like the proliferation of the “monster” truck because gas is cheap. Everyone has one because it is easy and it looks powerful.  Ultimately, it is a waste of resources, space, and it is a non experience. It has become mundane.

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