Work must be made, that is how i speak. As i have grown older i am speaking less and less in a conversational or social sense. I have become far more interested in listening. It is true that all sound is mantra. There is a rhythm in everything. I am very interested in witnessing the social rhythm of things. It is a natural rhythm.  Sound, crowds – seeming silence.  I am witness to these. Watching them manifest out of space. Collecting, gathering, dispersing.  All natural occurrences, seeming chaotic at times. Feeling and sensing that the answer to all questions is found in those rhythms. Everything can be learned by them. Somewhere in this, there is some relationship to Agnes Martin; who later in life gave up ideas. How extraordinary is that? She said giving up the ideas of atomic theory and evolution was the most difficult. “Giving up the intellectual entirely” is how she described it. Facts and ideas – Martin gave them up.

Ideas were a distraction for Martin. They are for me as well.

Empty mind leaves room for inspiration. It is the groundlessness required for making work.


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