Contemplative Studio Practice VI – Diet

To say that what i/we eat is not related to contemplative studio practice would be an untruth. At the same time, all bodies are different. There are so many conversations about what we eat that to address this seems in some ways, obvious. However, as my research and practice continues –this is definitely a consideration, part of my practice and it will look familiar to some.

Below, listed, is the simple way i consider diet in the contemplative studio practice in which i engage. It is what i do with an intention of clearer knowing and seeing over an extended and uninterrupted period of time. It is a daily ritual. There are rare days when there are exceptions – this is a practice, not a diet plan. It is directly related to my abilities to conceptualize work and to clarify my discussions with the muses.


Breakfast – 1 glass of water, 1 cup green tea – loose leaf and ½ cup oatmeal with honey

Lunch – a veggie, cheese, small bit of bread, nuts, water, tea

Dinner – small amount of meat/fish veggie

1 cup of herbal tea late evening


No alcohol

No processed sugar

No caffeine from coffee

Limited tea

Very small amount of carbs


A note on caffeine: In a teaching by Khandro Rinpoche, when a student asked about the role of caffeine in meditation – she said caffeine intake did not matter. I understood her point from the view that if you are a disciplined meditator, caffeine will not effect your ability to work with your mind.

For me, from the standpoint of not creating mental and physical “static” which, i find to be the case if i drink either too much tea or drink coffee, i limit tea and drink no coffee.

This diet has evolved over a period of time and was something I found myself “craving” a number of years ago.  I noticed there were foods/drinks that my body asked for and others that it did not reject – but instead had no “taste” for over extended periods of time. This occurred in tandem with being aware of particular behaviors while i was making work.

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