Generosity and Publishing (2)

During a long overdue dinner my mind was stopped by a very wise friend who recently read my post. “What if Suzuki never published?” she asked.

I felt a shock go through my body. I was in a gap. Then a place of reasoning once my mind started again. Realizing – I had not thought through my ideas about publishing.

Generosity: If D.T. Suzuki had not lectured, traveled, written, met with those who were interested; much of what we understand in Modern Art (not to mention life in general) would be different. Suzuki’s actions were selfless.

What we look at as an act of ego in others is sometimes based in our ego.

I wrote three quick notes in my journal as we talked over dinner:



What if Suzuki didn’t publish?

If Suzuki didn’t publish – I would not be doing this work.

If what I am doing is of relevance – others will be able to use it. The relevance of the work remains to be seen – time takes care of that. Either way it needs to be recorded. 

Transcendence; the work needs to transcend time. I need to transcend the body politic and do the work.

There are realities of the academic system using publishing as a standard of approval that is beyond the work itself and is egomaniacal. At the same time, should that mean that I do not share my information if, in fact, it can contribute to the discussion? Where would I be without the research of others; their sharing of experience through their published work?

The answer is obvious.

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